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Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company: driving the top line through digital transformation

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (CCHBC), beverage giant Coca-Cola’s largest bottler in Europe, has made great strides in its digital transformation journey since we sat down with the business in January 2018. “Two things that have happened over the past 12 to 18 months are acceleration and fine-tuning,” says Group CIO Alain Brouhard at CCHBC’s corporate headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. A consummate professional with an active role at both Gartner and Singularity University, Brouhard has...

How BP is enabling the energy transition through Procurement

Procurement and digital transformation have become intrinsically linked in recent years. While the former has become more central to business operations for organisations around the globe, the latter seeks to disrupt dated strategies and technologies that have become increasingly incompatible with the demands of modern business. The combination of the two delivers profound benefits for organisations that can master such fine alchemy; offering agility, flexibility, leanness, sustainability and re

Review: It Is What It Is // Thundercat

The bohemian, avant garde, auratic bass genius of Thundercat offers a not uncommon quandary of where the seam between man and persona can be found, and the overarching narrative of It Is What It Is seems to be a reflection on this duality. From the opener to the close, Thundercat shines a light on the hedonistic, space-age, party-focused character whose fingers so deftly dance up and down the neck of his bass, with the implication being that the persona is a mask for some insecurity or deficiency.

Review: To Bring You My Love // PJ Harvey

To Bring You My Love regularly feels like an encapsulation of every ’90s alt rock quirk, jumping between instrumental styles and song structures with an assured blues-heavy vision. Despite evoking such a specific moment in popular rock, it’s far more than a time capsule or an homage to other acts of the day. PJ Harvey carries the air of an artist who’s setting the tone rather than playing to it, and the boundless personality she injects into every track ensures that the varied style never feels scattershot.

Review: The Slow Rush // Tame Impala

The dreamlike atmosphere of The Slow Rush will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Tame Impala’s previous two albums. Kevin Parker’s latest has all the hallmarks of what came before, and it pushes harder on his more avant garde sensibilities whilst riding a Daft Punk-esque, funk-oriented focus on melodic bass. Ethereal, flat, and airy vocals, sustained synths, layered percussion, and freeform song structure are all par for the Tame Impala course, and when there’s enough going on to differentiate what’s on offer it works a treat.

Rohit Darodkar discusses how conscientiousness in supply chain management yields results

The nature of supply chain operations is as diverse as business itself. For every country of operations, international relationship and industry or sector, the complexities of procurement, logistics and supply chain morph and shift. Executives in the space often settle within their niche, but one who has not only led operations in multiple industries and wildly different territories is Rohit Darodkar, currently Global Procurement and Logistics Manager at Tritium, an Australian firm dedicated to
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